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The Shimmer

by David Morrell

When a high-speed chase goes terribly wrong, Santa Fe police officer Dan Page watches in horror as a car and gas tanker explode into flames. Torn with guilt that he may be responsible, Page returns home to discover that his wife, Tori, has disappeared.

Frantic, Page follows her trail to Rostov, a remote town in Texas famous for a massive astronomical observatory, a long-abandoned military base, and unexplained nighttime phenomena that draw onlookers from every corner of the globe. Many of these gawkers--Tori among them--are compelled to visit this tiny community to witness the mysterious Rostov Lights.

Without warning, a gunman begins firing on the lights, screaming "Go back to hell where you came from," then turns his rifle on the bystanders. A bloodbath ensues, and events quickly spiral out of control, setting the stage for even greater violence and death.

Page must solve the mystery of the Rostov Lights to save his wife. In the process, he learns that the decaying military base may not be abandoned at all, and that the government may have known about the lights for decades. Could these phenomena be more dangerous than anyone could have possibly imagined?

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"Rising Above it All: How Rambo's Creator Earned His Pilot's License"

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Full of Bull: Unscramble Wall Street Doubletalk to Protect and Build Your Portfolio

by Stephen T. McClellan

The Truth About Wall Street Stock Research--Now 100% Updated for Today's Markets! They mislead. They confuse. You can't afford to listen to one word stock analysts say--especially not right now. Wall Street won't tell you how to protect your capital or steer you toward gains. The Street is good at selling, not analyzing; it wants you to trade, not invest. In Full of Bull, Updated Edition, one of the Street's leading insiders reveals the hidden code behind Wall Street's Byzantine practices. For decades, Stephen McClellan was one of the Street's top analysts--he knows exactly how the game is played. Now, in this revised guide for the individual investor, he describes how Wall Street came to cost investors billions by denying the realities of a market collapse in progress.

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You Don't Have to Learn the Hard Way: Making it in the Real World: A Guide for Graduates

by J.R. Parrish

Chock-full of practical advice for teen and college age readers on everything from how to nail that first big job interview, avoid dangerous relationship mistakes and master the art of managing your finances, to circumventing the typical pitfalls of adjusting to the adult world, this valuable guidebook synthesizes a life's worth of wisdom into one engaging volume. The author, a self-made multimillionaire who did learn the hard way offers to young people what he wishes someone would have given him when he was starting out--a no-nonsense blueprint for personal and professional success. Told with self-deprecating humor and grace, this book is never preachy and features irresistible self-discovery quizzes that guide young readers to deeper self-understanding.

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Strategic Acceleration: Succeed at the Speed of Life

by Tony Jeary

Tony Jeary has been and continues to be the coach to the world's top CEOs and high achievers for more than 20 years. His clients include the Presidents of Wal-Mart, Firestone, Shell, Samsung, New York Life, and the United States Senate, to name only a few. An advisor to many, Tony Jeary has invested his life and career in helping others discover new clarity for their vision, develop focus on direction, and create powerful execution strategies that strategically impact achievement and results.

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Know It All: The Little Book of Essential Knowledge

by Elizabeth Humphrey, et. al.

This book of essential knowledge offers hours of fact-finding pleasure with a huge collection of intriguing and useful facts. Readers can gain valuable information about a myriad of subjects, each presented in clear, easy-to-follow language. Full-color photos throughout.

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by Traci L. Slatton

In the majestic heart of Florence, a beautiful golden-haired boy is abandoned and subjected to cruelty beyond words. But Luca Bastardo is anything but an ordinary boy. Across two centuries of passion and intrigue, Luca will discover an astonishing gift -- one that will lead him to embrace the ancient mysteries of alchemy and healing and to become a trusted confidant to the powerful Medicis…even as he faces persecution from a sadistic cabal determined to wrest his secrets for themselves.

But as the Black Death and the Inquisition wreak havoc on his beloved city, Luca's survival lies in the quest to solve two riddles. One is the enigma of his parents and his ageless beauty. The other is a choice between immortality and the only chance to find his one true love. As Luca journeys through the heights of the Renaissance, befriends Giotto and Leonardo Da Vinci -- 140 years apart -- and pursues the most closely guarded secrets of religious faith and science for the answers to his own burning questions, his remarkable search will not only change him…but will change the course of history.

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Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself

by Alan Alda

On the heels of his acclaimed memoir, Never Have Your Dog Stuffed, beloved actor and bestselling author Alan Alda has written Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself, an insightful and funny look at some of the impossible questions he's asked himself over the years: What do I value? What, exactly, is the good life? (And what does that even mean?)

Picking up where his bestselling memoir left off&endash;having been saved by emergency surgery after nearly dying on a mountaintop in Chile -- Alda finds himself not only glad to be alive but searching for a way to squeeze the most juice out of his new life. Looking for a sense of meaning that would make this extra time count, he listens in on things he's heard himself saying in private and in public at critical points in his life -- from the turbulence of the sixties, to his first Broadway show, to the birth of his children, to the ache of September 11, and beyond. Reflecting on the transitions in his life and in all our lives, he notices that "doorways are where the truth is told," and wonders if there's one thing -- art, activism, family, money, fame&endash;that could lead to a "life of meaning."

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