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We are pleased to present the following excerpt from the book

Human Being: Self, Desire, & Consciousness

by Frank Martin DiMeglio

Eloquent Books - March 2008



This book presents original and fascinating ideas regarding consciousness, life, being, experience, thought, emotion, desire, depression, anxiety, dreams, art, music, and genius. This book is an attempt to achieve a superior understanding and true growth of our being, desire, instincts, and of our consciousness in general (including thought, attention, and memory). Such growth is ultimately dependent upon the comprehensiveness and consistency of both intention and concern in relation to experience in general (that is, in relation to the natural, integrated, and extensive manifestations of sensory experience, including the range of feeling thereof); for the self represents, forms, and experiences a comprehensive approximation of experience in general.

Given the successful and increased (yet limited) involvement of the unconscious, the highest (or ideal/true) form of genius involves a superior integration of a greater totality of experience, thereby achieving a fundamental integration, growth, and spreading of being and experience (and of desire, thought, and emotion). Attention and memory are both improved and relatively sustained in conjunction therewith. Elevated and sustained desire (i.e., both intention and concern) and energy are connected with both courage and genius, and with the advancement of consciousness and life as well. In opposition to this, the reconfiguration (i.e., disintegration, alteration, reduction, and/or replacement) of sensory experience in general (including range of feeling) is progressively involving a disintegration and contraction of being and experience (including thought). This is evident in (and includes) sleep disorders, depression, anxiety, and the experience of television.


The goal of this book is to present an improved, original, fundamental, and consistent account of what consciousness, life, being, experience, thought, emotion, desire, depression, anxiety, dreams, art, music, and genius really are. I have sought to improve upon what is the inconsistent, fragmented, divided, and incomplete understanding(s) of our being and experience. When people are asked why it is that they experience what they do, or what it is that they should be experiencing, many are either clueless or unconcerned. It is as if you were asking a non sensible and irrelevant question; however, this is indicative of a real problem. In this day and age, everyone should be increasingly aware of what it is that they are experiencing. This book is essential reading for: those who are concerned with self-improvement; students and educators in philosophy and psychology; people suffering from anxiety and/or depression, as I have extensive experience in dealing with, managing, understanding, and successfully overcoming both depression and anxiety from my firsthand experience; those who endeavor to make their lives more purposeful, beautiful, and gratifying; and those who are genuinely concerned with the advancement of humanity. This book is designed to open your mind and awareness, and to get you to truly think big and properly.

This book is also of interest and value to anyone who is interested in the improvement of their understanding and/or experience in regard to the following:

1) What is our fundamental instinct or desire? What is desire? What is the relation (and role) of desire in regard to experience in general.

2) What dreams are, and what they do. Dreams are essential for thoughtful and emotional balance, integration, comprehensiveness, consistency, and resiliency.

3) Why dreams are an emotional experience that occur during the one third of our lives that we spend sleeping. Why chimpanzees live comparatively longer than the time we spend sleeping (which includes dreaming), and yet less than the total time (then including waking experience as well) that we live. In keeping with this, the experience of chimpanzees can be better understood; and this includes not only the similarity of their experience with that of our dreams, but also the range (and nature) of their experience of feeling in relation to ours while waking and dreaming.

4) The comprehensiveness and consistency of both our intention and concern are central to our consciousness, life, and growth.

5) Why depression involves a feeling of heaviness, and why this constricted feeling also occurs in anxiety; and how depression and anxiety involve extremes of concern.

6) An improved perspective regarding what is the loss of our common sense, instincts, true concern, and genius, and of our capacity to appreciate, experience, and advance the beautiful as well. True genius advances life and consciousness, including the beauty and desirability of experience.

7) What is the fundamental nature of consciousness, genius, being, and experience.

8) What television actually is and does.

9) What music and art do and involve.

This Introduction contains additional and important considerations/perspectives that the reader should bear in mind, as they will be of further benefit in understanding what will follow in this book. It is of great importance to realize that the reconfiguration (i.e., alteration, reduction, and/or replacement) of sensory experience in general [from what was previously natural] induces and includes foreign, unnatural, and toxic effects. This makes the self increasingly unconscious and reactive in unpredictable ways. As being and experience become increasingly inanimate, unconscious, and/or dream-like (as in the experience of television), it is important to consider the following. Are the foreign, unnatural, and toxic effects involving fundamentally reconfigured sensory experience in outer space treatable? Also, is dream experience "treatable" and predictable? This is a very real (and long-term) problem. Experience that is natural is generally sustainable; and, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". It is critical to realize that the self represents, forms, and experiences a comprehensive approximation of experience in general. If you walk away from reality, it will walk away from you.

This book has very important, fundamental, and broad applicability. Is autism not a disintegration and contraction of being and experience (and of consciousness)? The increased incidence of body spinning or rocking in autism is an attempt to [properly] integrate, balance, increase, and extend [the range of] their experience of feeling, thereby increasing the integrated extensiveness and desirability of experience in general. Is the generally heightened autonomic arousal in autism not indicative of a disintegration and contraction of being, experience, and consciousness? Being and experience are changing in an accelerated, haphazard, disintegrated, and unnatural fashion.

Consciousness and language involve the ability to represent, form, and experience comprehensive approximations of experience in general. This includes art and music as well. Genius is rare for a very good reason; because consciousness is intended to advance slowly. It is also intended to advance in a truly integrated and sustainable fashion. This is why the highest (and ideal/true) form of genius is far more rare than that which is also [generally] considered to involve (or be) genius. Experience is not intended to be excessively thoughtful (and/or intentional) in its construction and effects. When experience becomes excessively thoughtful in its construction and effects (including the time that is occupied by thought), there is a disintegration and contraction of being and experience that is evident in television, depression, and anxiety. Emotion that is comprehensive and balanced advances consciousness, as it is the wellspring of intuition and of the flashes of genius and inspiration. The integrated extensiveness of experience (including thought) is essential to the avoidance of sensory deprivation and hallucinatory experience.

All too often, addictive, unnatural, dysfunctional, excessive, and/or unhealthy practices or behaviors are encouraged, legalized, advocated, and/or institutionalized. It is true, moreover, that the weak like (and often advocate) what is weakening by their very weakness; as the strong like (and also need) what is strengthening by their very strength.

Greed is, in no small part, ruining our experience. Money is made by changing experience from that which is natural. When profits and money are over-valued, people (and labor) are devalued. Conversely, when the exchange of goods and necessities involves trade, people and their labor are rightly valued and respected; and profits are fair. Ironically, arbitrary and inflated prices are more easily assigned to goods that we do not need because they are not of true and definite value; that is, they do not have true and concrete value in regard to our true advancement or survival. The goal of the mass media is to get you to spend more money; and in order to spend money, you have to make more money; and corporate profits are then taken from both ends. Dissatisfied people spend more money. The mass media spreads dissatisfaction, and by using the means of television as a device to further accomplish this, our ability to think properly (and for ourselves) is reduced. (I do not, by the way, have a television.) We are excessively dependent upon money (as opposed to direct trade) for our very survival; and this is associated with less healthy, extensive, natural, realistic, and sustainable relations not only among people in general, but also involving experience (and the environment) as a whole. People are increasingly treated and considered as employees and consumers as opposed to being people and citizens. Although the size of the government and mass media/corporate profits are very much at stake, a trade-based economy involves a more natural, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle/experience; and this pertains to families, employers/employees, and the environment as a whole. It is to the extent that being and experience have become less sustainable that we are increasingly dependent upon money for the provision of our very survival, needs, and experience in general. Money has increasingly become the crutch (and implement or tool) by which people evade and diminish themselves, other people, life, experience, responsibility, and reality. The desire to be excessively comfortable is weakening and dividing us, and it is diminishing our capacity for truth as well.

This book will really and truly get you thinking. This book is a testament and a tribute to the greatness of human achievement and endeavor. It is my desire to truly advance consciousness, desire, and understanding, and to help people to come into the full possession and command of their experience.

Frank Martin DiMeglio lives in Maryland and is currently writing a book about philosophy. He has a Bachelor of Science degree (Honors, 1987) from Towson University in Geography and Environmental Planning.

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