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Ready Readers give you the paperback version and the audio version of the same book (read at 80 words-per-minute versus the usual 120) and in the same convenient package! Ideal for libraries, home schooling and young readers. Studies show that reading and listening to the same book strengthens reading skills. Ready Readers also builds vocabulary, retention, and reinforces character since each title explores the childhood of great Americans who exhibit specific virtues.

George Washington: Young Leader, by Augusta Stevenson - AC

Lou Gehrig: One Of Baseball's Greatest, by Guernsey Van Riper, Jr, - AC

Susan B. Anthony: Champion Of Women's Rights, by Helen Albee Monsell - AC

Wilbur And Orville Wright: Young Fliers, by Augusta Stevenson - AC

Abraham Lincoln The Great Emancipator, by Augusta Stevenson - AC

Clara Barton: Founder Of The American Red Cross, by Augusta Stevenson - AC

Helen Keller: From Tragedy To Triumph, by Katherine E. Wilkie - AC

Martin Luther King, Jr.: Young Man With A Dream, by Dharathula H. Millender - AC

Teddy Roosevelt: Young Rough Rider, by Edd Winfield Parks - AC

Albert Einstein: Young Thinker, by Marie Hammontree - AC

Benjamin Franklin: Young Printer, by Augusta Stevenson - AC

Daniel Boone: Young Hunter And Tracker, by Augusta Stevenson - AC

Henry Ford: Young Man With Ideas, by Hazel B. Aird - AC

Paul Revere: Boston Patriot, by Augusta Stevenson - AC

Thomas A. Edison: Young Inventor, by Sue Guthridge - AC

Betsy Ross: Designer Of Our Flag, by Ann Weil - AC

Davy Crockett: Young Rifleman, by Aileen Wells Parks - AC

Knute Rockne, by Guernsey Van Riper, Jr. - AC

Robert E. Lee: Young Confederate, by Helen Monsell - AC

Thomas Jefferson: Third President Of The United States, by Helen Monsell - AC

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