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American Philosophy is a section of Adventures in Philosophy devoted to a brief history of American philosophic thought from its beginnings in colonial times to approximately the Second World War. You may notice that some of the thinkers included here are not ordinarily considered to be philosophers. We think their inclusion here is justified, however, because of the intellectual impact they had on the development of social and political thought in America as well as on the American culture in general.

Foundational Documents in American Political Philosophy

Important American Documents

The Constitution of the United States of America

In the Politics Resource Center


The American Divines

Introduction: Puritanism, the Quakers
William Penn - Samuel Johnson - Jonathan Edwards


The Founding Fathers

Introduction: The American Revolution
Thomas Paine - Ethan Allen - Benjamin Franklin - John Adams
Thomas Jefferson - Benjamin Rush



America's Coming of Age

Introduction: The Abolitionists
Henry Ward Beecher - John C. Calhoun
Joseph Alden - Abraham Lincoln - Robert Green Ingersoll


American Transcendentalism

Introduction: Unitarianism , Transcendentalism
William Ellery Channing - Amos Bronson Alcott
Theodore Parker - Ralph Waldo Emerson
Henry David Thoreau - Walt Whitman - William Torrey Harris


Background Online E-Book (Offsite)

Late 19th-Century Thinkers

Introduction: The Reconstruction Period, The Gilded Age
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. - George Holmes Howison - Josephus Flavius Cook
Henry George - John Clark Ridpath - Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
John Fiske - Ambrose Bierce


Idealism in America

Introduction: Idealism, Personalism
Josiah Royce - Borden Parker Bowne
William Ernest Hocking


American Pragmatism

Introduction: Pragmatism, Instrumentalism
Charles Sanders Peirce - William James - John Dewey

Expanded Discussions


Recent American Thought

John Burroughs - George Santayana - Paul Carus - Felix Adler
Thorstein Veblen - George Herbert Mead - Mary Whiton Calkins
Ferdinand Canning Scott Schiller
Frederick J. E. Woodbridge - William McDougall - William Pepperell Montague
Morris R. Cohen - P.W. Bridgman - Horace Meyer Kallen - Clarence Irving Lewis


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